Six weeks and up

During the first year of life, babies grow and develop faster than at any other time. They learn about the world around them in many ways and seek the stimulation and comfort provided by warm and consistent caregivers.

The Child Development Center of Central provides flexibility and consistency to our infants so they will become curious and confident toddlers.

Our goal is to help infants:

  • Develop small and large muscles
  • Feel safe and comfortable
  • Imitate sounds and language
  • Develop trust and security from relationships
  • Build predictable routines and familiar surroundings

Activities include:

  • Talking, singing, games, music, and reading
  • Playing with toys that have sound and visual effects
  • Experiencing the outdoors
  • Mirror play, bubbles, texture activities
  • And of course, lots of holding and hugging time

See classroom pictures in the Photo Gallery.